Annamacharya keerthanalu with Telugu lyrics

Project Anna-mayya (2019 -Present):

VIISA YouTube Channel

Annamacharya (also known as Anna-mayya)  is a 15th century saint who composed spiritual songs that are known to be one of the earliest South Indian musical compositions. He wrote the original compositions(called Kirthans) on palm leaves and later transferred them onto copper plates. In 1922, his compositions were found within an ancient temple’s preservation chamber.

Historical evidence suggests that he composed around 32,000 compositions, however, at present only 12,000 are available.

Many contemporary classical artists continue to sing those melodious spiritual songs. Currently, there are academic university departments dedicated to researching this saint. In addition, a number of documentaries have been produced about him.

K.V. Rao has volunteered for the Vedic International Institute for Science and Arts (VIISA) 501 (c)(3) Organization and curated some of the best available Anna­ mayya audio content. However, there is no good lyrical transliteration available for people to understand the ancient linguistic words.  K.V. Rao has created videos with the existing audio files and added lyrical content to syncwith the audio tracks. He has published these lyric videos on the VIISA YouTubechannel.